Collection: Paper Baristas

Once you see slavery, you can't unsee it.  When we learned how much slave labor was involved in the stationery business we realized we either need to shut down our business or do something about it.  Join us in the fight to end slave labor.

Slavery is a multibillion-dollar industry. Human trafficking generates $150B annually. We want no part of that. We ethically source all of our products to ensure there are no slaves used in the production of our goods. For us, this means it cuts into our profit margins. For you, this means the same low price for a high quality product without the guilt. 

Not only are we passionate about creating quality products that are ethically sourced, but we are also thrilled to partner with you in fighting the good fight.  With every purchase you make, 10% is given back to fight modern slavery. Your purchases help to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice and restore survivors. Join the fight!