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Hosanna Blanks- Paintable Notebook

Hosanna Blanks- Paintable Notebook

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Finding a quality, low cost, hardback notebooks made of material that can hold paint without cracking or chipping has been nearly impossible! We finally set out to manufacture a high quality, blank notebook for creatives like us to work their magic on, and the result is Hosanna Blanks: our paintable notebook!

  • Blank, kraft cover for painting
  • 150 pages 
  • Paper weight: 100gsm
  • Your choice: lined or dotted
  • Kraft hardcover with smyth-sewn binding
  • Satin ribbon page marker
  • Presentation page where you can write your name or use a branded stamp
  • 5¾" x 8¼" x 9/16"



If you're new to designing journals, here are some helpful recommendations!

You can use painters tape to protect the inside cover of your journal while you work. That will help keep the inside clean!

It is not necessary to “gesso” your journal before painting. If you’re using a lighter color for the background, you might have to paint two coats before you get to your design. 

When you paint the “creases” of your journal, make sure to not let paint glob in the crease. Use your brush to lightly brush excess paint out of the crease.

Any kind of paint will work on blanks, but DecoArt Americana acrylic paints are our favorite brand.

Any brushes will work on blanks, but a set like this should be more than enough! Look for a set that has one big flat brush, one medium pointy brush, and one tiny pointy brush.

Finishing your Journal
When you’re done with your journal, dried acrylic paint is not at risk to smear or rub off. If you chose to add words with one of the pens above to your journal, that IS at risk to rub off or fade over time. We would then recommend “sealing” your journal in some way! There are many options, but we use Krylon Matte Finish.

* If you mess up on your journal, a few coats of paint should cover it up and give you the opportunity to start over! Remember to NOT do a second or third layer of paint in the “crease” of the journal, then it would be at risk to start to crack! 

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